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China-Africa Entreprenuership Matching

With the success of our China 101 for African Event series, we will be launching our China-Africa Entrepreneur Matching service, solving the same problems across continents. The process is as follows:

  1. Based on preferences and challenges we will match you with another entrepreneur from China/Africa  
  2. Set up a series of 3 calls over the span of 6 weeks to discuss challenges with the aim of coming up with a collaborative project to launch with specific KPI’s and time span
  3. If the project has enough traction, we will help find funding for the project. 
  4. We help manage the joint project 
  5. We create a post project report, and if appropriate will seek further investment 

While the first 5 companies will be chosen on a pro-bono basis, our process very competitive, so please take the time to fill out the following this form.

To qualify, you must fulfill these three requirements:

  • Be a c-level or founder.
  • Company has showed some level of traction. 
  • Be willing to put in at least 5 hours of collaboration. 
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