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KATA China Tourism Panel, with UnionPay

KATA, the Kenya Association of Travel Agents, hosted a breakfast about Outbound and Inbound Travel Opportunities with China. Councillor Wang from the Chinese Embassy, spoke primarily about the psyche of the Chinese traveller, and how we can engage across sectors to contribute to increased Chinese Tourism.

The event was sponsored by UnionPay, which has just partnered KCB Bank to start issuing UnionPay cards in Kenya. This means that when Kenyans go to China (or even other parts of Africa!), they will be able to directly swipe their cards.

We were invited to speak about many of the digital and tech aspects of the travel.

How can Kenyan and African Travel Agents Leverage Technology to Reach MORE Chinese Clients?

  • For the Chinese tourist's, its all about DIGITAL. First you need to create a Chinese language website, get on Chinese specific social media, and Chinese ecommerce.
  • Content Is KING: You need to dig into all types rich media, including live streaming and video.  Creating a picture perfect moments in your trips increases the probability of your guests sharing and increasing brand awareness.  Take the example of the city of Cappadocia-- they built their entire brand on having some of having the most instgrammable spots in the world. You can also leverage KOL's (Key Opinion Leader) to help create and spread content. 
  • How do you reach the Chinese travelers?

    • Mafongwo: Similar to Tripadvisor, Chinese young people love writing about their experiences

    • Weibo: Chinese twitter

    • WeChat: If you can truly create a strong brand account, you will go far

    • Qyer: Similar to mafongwo, but a slightly older demographic

How do you prepare your customers from China? From Apps to VPN's to cultural norms, download the guide now.

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