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Ideas for Energy + Talent

In parallel with Sankalp, The China Africa Tech Initiative and China Impact Ventures invites you to high level discussion about the challenges of talent, people operations, and capacity building in the energy space across Africa. It will be held on Wednesday, February 20th from 7 to 9 pm.

Amanda Zheng, Principal of China Impact Ventures, will be giving in introduction to the sessions she has learned from developing China’s impact investing ecosystem, where she served at multiple impact investment organizations and was leading Shell Foundation's first energy incubator in China. We will then facilitate a roundtable conversation to answer the following questions:

  • What can we learn from Chinese impact businesses in terms of talent?

  • How can we empower African businesses with Chinese talent or expertise?

  • Are there specific HR needs of the energy sector?

  • What kinds of resources are available and what kinds of resources can we create to encourage cross-border collaboration?

A litepaper will be produced from this session, shortly after Sankalp. To keep this session high level and intimate, it is invite only. Please reach out if you would like to join!

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