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Ecommerce & Shipping Partners for China

Even though shipping companies there only speak Chinese, I have found that they ar reliable and honest, especially when I was doing my first ecommerce business, BUNDSHOP. We shipped to 100+ countries, and even though their pricing fluctuates like crazy and there’s no transparency, you just have to base everything on trust.

Things to consider first:

1. Language and Background Knowledge

Unless you have a Chinese partner, they need to converse well enough in English to guide you through all the options from forwarding to drop shipping to containers.. .

2. Service Requirement

Level of service for followup on your shipment. How many shipments are making? Do you need an customized OMS or intermittent emails?

3. Flexibility

Is you're just starting off, they are inevitability going to be fires that you need to collaborate with your partner to fix. Are you important enough to them for you to be able make special requests and how responsive are they?

4. Scalability

In the long term, do they have the capacity to execute when you are growing. You want a shipping partner that you don’t have to worry about as you grow. It should be automatic.

I cannot OVEREMPHASIZE the necessity of good technology in the supply chain industry. This is critical as in this industry there is so much time wasted on phone calls and emails and potential data errors. Some partners that I have come across that may be able to assist your shipping are:

ZhenHub - technology based shipper that can provide global tracking. Great service and account management

DAMCO - works for large retailers, very process driven. Sometimes this will drive you crazy. Generally slow but shipping is very reliable

Kerry Logistics - Has a great network in Asia, also owns their own last mile delivery in some countries. Pricing is expensive but the gold standard for shipping.

Ceva Logistics - does large volumes, but at times does assist smaller folks. Very strong network in China.

Chinafulfil: You just need to connect our system with your online store, ebay, amazon, shopify, Chinafulfil will handle all the rest for you including order fulfilment, shipping and tracking. helps to build-up the extensive network of suppliers in China. If you don’t want to spend your time on dealing with your suppliers, just tell chinafulfil your need then we will handle the rest all for you. Chinafulfil knows how to deal with the Chinese manufactures.

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