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Chinese Africa Business Workshop

With China owning 72% of bilateral debt in Kenya, it’s influence in Kenya is undeniable. What does this mean for young people in Kenya? Is this necessarily a good or bad thing? How can pioneering Kenyan take advantage fo closer ties?

Held in September, the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was the platform for the collective dialogue and cooperation between China and African countries and therefore it is imperative that the youth be involved. The forum has already become a model of South-South cooperation and a banner of international cooperation with Africa, but what can young people both in China and Africa contribute?

This China Africa Business Workshop focuses on a panel of investors, entrepreneurs, and analysts to share their diverse experiences about new models for collaboration. We will discuss entrepreneurial opportunities, dispel myths about the China-Africa relationship and encourage greater collaboration.

Hosted in collaboration with Global Shapers Nairobi Hub and Nailab.

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